Make Me Work
* 2014-08-27 - 12:39 p.m. *

My Livy is going to meet her new teacher today.
I have very mixed feelings about this.
Yes, she's already been to school for a year, but 4k was only half days. It was like sending her off for a daily play date.
This shit's for real.
My baby will be gone from 8am to 4:30pm...EVERY DAY!
Ouch...I have an ache in my heart...right *points to right boob* here.
I requested to have next Tuesday morning off, so that I can take pictures of her as she gets on the buss but I will not be going with her to school. Does that make me an awful parent?
I just don't want to be in the way, and I don't want my emotions muddling how Livy feels about her first day of school.
Well, blah....I've hit that point where I've done way too much crap since my last sentence and I have no idea where I was going or the purpose of all this was. Don't you just hate that?
Do you know what my main goal for today is?
Stay Awake
Stay Optimistic
Don't Fall Asleep
Make It Work
Make Me Work
Make Dinner
Give Baths
Make Love
and finally...

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